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Company Overview

SwissMountain - is totally SWISS. SwissMountain mineral water stands for confidence, premium quality, naturalness, freshness, purity, elegance and reliability - a classic and very traditional product.

SwissMountain Beverages International LLC is domiciled in Zug, Switzerland and being bottled in the heart of the Swiss Alps in the village of "Bad Knutwil" by "Mineralquelle Bad Knutwil AG". "SwissMountain" is the international brand of "Knutwiler" - the only mineral waters bottled in central Switzerland.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our 'Mission' Improving your health through value added beverages "made in Switzerland".

Our 'Vision' Become one of the preferred premium mineral water brands in selected (mature or growing) imported bottled water markets worldwide based on a strong home base in Switzerland (Knutwiler).

Our 'Values' Sustainability
SwissMountain is an ecological and socially responsible company.

For instance, we have recently reduced the weight of our PET bottles and strive to minimize our carbon footprint through effective control of the supply chain from production to delivery.

Passion for quality
Our products are made with the highest quality and safety standards.

SwissMountain provides the medium/up-market consumers of the world with a Swiss-sourced mineral water alternative of outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Health & Pleasure
SwissMountain is all about "Health & Pleasure" for us; the positive social experiences are inseparable from good health.