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The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns. Not only are we committed to preserve the natural eco-system that gave birth to our precious mineral water, we strive to promote our efforts and embed all our stakeholders (logistic, distribution and sales partners) to take our work beyond borders.

We have made notable progress over the years towards lowering our impact on the environment.

Eco-Packaging PET bottle weight was reduced from 22 g to 17 g for 0.5 Liter and from 46 g to 38 g for 1 Liter.

Savings of about 20% - to minimize environmental impact

In addition, all our PET bottles are now 100 % recyclable. Even the cap!

Eco-Production We use only about 8 % of the natural flow of the source. As such, we are careful to maintain the natural habitat of animals and water quality for future generations.

Furthermore, in 2012 a new production plant has been installed with the latest bottling technologies that reduces the consumption of electricity (by 15%) and minimizes waste (99.9 % of waste is recycled).

Eco-Transportation Transport emissions are reduced through effective control of the supply chain from production to delivery (by partnering with globally leading logistic specialists).

For instance, we favor rail & barge transport whenever possible as they are the most fuel-efficient.