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Originates in a single source under a former glacier!

Our amazing journey starts as snow or rain in the clean mountain fresh air of central Switzerland. The water then travels over many years and through different geological formations to finally accumulate in an underground layer of moraine rock (or ancient glacier rocks) - the Aquifer.

It is through this voyage that SwissMountain grows into a natural, unspoiled, and mature mineral water with its unique beneficial mineralization; safe, neutral in taste and suitable for the preparation of baby and children's food.

Categorized as an "artesian spring" formation, SwissMountain finally rises to the surface under its own pressure (so without any machines or pumps) and is still today.

"untouched by man" (until you unscrew the cap)

In fact, with a high bacteriological purity, it flows evenly at a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius from the top of the source into a sealed modern production system that places the water directly into our 100% recyclable and high quality PET or glass bottles.